A Good Hair Day

One of the most frightening prospects of being diagnosed with cancer is the loss of hair. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I cried more when I knew my hair was going to go than when I was diagnosed. I love not having to shave my armpits, but I do miss the hair on my head, ha! Before cancer, I had long hair that I associated with my identity. When people would ask me to name one thing I liked about myself, I would instantly say my hair. I dreaded the process of losing my hair, and now that it’s gone, I smile to myself because there’s no longer an attachment. I know what I look like with long hair. I know what I look like with short hair. I know what I look like with a buzz cut. I know what I look like bald! My eyebrows and eyelashes are barely hanging on, and who knows – soon, I might know what I’ll look like without those too. The good news is that despite the changes in appearance, nothing has changed who I am inside, and this is truly where one’s identity lies. My hair will come back, and I am so excited to try new things! Especially after a recent shoot where I played around with different color wigs. Enjoy some of the shots we took on my birthday. Special thanks to Stan and John for helping me capture the photos. 


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