Cancer Dance 3

UPDATE: Since I posted morning, I went to see my breast surgeon. She examined my breast and determined that the tumor is gone. Nothing but regular breast tissue and breast bone! As the weeks continue, I’ll be shifting to a new chemo regimen to ensure the tumor disintegrates, and then come April, I’ll be ready for surgery. Thanks for all of your love, prayers, and support! Can’t say I’m cancer-free yet, but one step closer and heading in the right direction!

Time for Cancer Dance 3 – complete with a “Bye Felicia” shirt (shout out to Alex Lewis)! I used an instrumental track called “Come Away With Me” by Tracey Chattaway, and I wanted to explore this idea of a human cocoon. I am planning on creating a piece on my students at Laguna Beach High School that is about my transformation through breast cancer. I am inspired by the process a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly, and I imagine I will use many of my cancer dances as a starting point for movement phrases. This one is mostly at a low level and uses repetition. I imagined I was exploring what it feels like to be in a cocoon and to break out of the cocoon. I’m one treatment away from being done with the hard stuff, and then it’s onto the second regimen. The journey is arduous but I’m persevering. Here’s to a new day, and one day closer to being cancer-free.

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