Cancer Dance 5

Cancer is about climbing mountains. I’m happy to say that I’ve climbed the mountain that is my first round of chemotherapy. I completed four IV treatments of “the red devil,” and I’m scheduled to start my next rounds soon. These rounds will be my next mountain to climb and the treatments will be every week for 12 weeks. I started back to work and my plan is to go in when I can, which will be as often as possible. I am looking forward to creating new dances on my students and using cancer as something to influence my work. Here’s Cancer Dance 5 to a song by Cobi called Don’t You Cry For Me.

Hope got my hands tied around my back
And time put a rope around my head
And hung from the rafters of my fear
Dark in the eyes
Try and face the world, I can’t bear to
My knees hit the ground and my hands start shaking
Old feelings from new faces
A rope on the floor and a poor man hanging
Please help me chop this tree down
Hold me from underneath
Words never once cut me down
Oh, don’t you cry for me

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