Check Points

I am one month out of surgery, and every day improves. A majority of the swelling has gone down and just this last week, the tape over my scars came off! My expanders are beginning to settle and they don’t bother me as much. My body is still transforming, and there’s much more to go which is both exciting and daunting. Sometimes I find myself focusing too much on “when” I will be done with this process, so to help myself come back to the present, I thought I would reflect on some things I have today that I didn’t have six months ago …

  1. The feeling of water droplets on my eyelashes & eyebrows after I get out of the shower
  2. Short hairs on my head that I can tuck behind my ear
  3. Energy to last throughout the day
  4. An appetite
  5. Strong fingernails & toenails
  6. Acne which means my hormones are coming back
  7. No more hot flashes
  8. A greater sense of awareness
  9. Empathy
  10. Less anxiety because I am more present-centered

Yes, there are things I wish I had right now like longer hair to put in a ponytail and the freedom to work out BUT, all in time. Being diagnosed with cancer is the beginning of a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m learning that the key is to pace yourself. There isn’t really a finish line – just check points along the way. I look forward to reaching many, many more check points!

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