In Honor of Our First Wedding Date

Today is the day Brett and I originally picked to be married – August 12, 2017. I didn’t even make the connection until this evening when I was stuck in traffic, driving home. I can’t imagine having a wedding right now. My hair is still growing back, I have the expanders in, and I barely started exercising again! “Becoming Estee 2.0” is in full effect, and I am grateful that we decided to move our wedding to Spring 2018 because now, Brett and I have a little more time to transition out of this detour. I remember sitting in the doctor’s office when I was receiving my diagnosis thinking, well … life really is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans. There I was, 28 years old, newly engaged, and in an instant, everything changed. We went from wedding-planning-mode to beating-cancer-mode, and we are looking forward to re-focusing on our special day. We both agree that our wedding is going to be so much more meaningful now. Cancer woke us up and re-directed us to what is important in life. We are not promised a damn thing, so to be at a place where we can celebrate life and love through our wedding is quite extraordinary. I cannot wait. <3

Here are pictures from our engagement shoot. Special shout-out to my brother who helped us with these photos. Taken a couple weeks before my diagnosis, they serve as a reminder of what I looked like and who I was, who we were, before cancer. I love you, Brett!



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