And so begins life after cancer …

I thought I would share a couple things I have been doing lately to take care of myself. We lead such busy lives, and I am just as guilty as the next person for not taking very good care of myself. I have habitually prioritized my professional life over my personal life, and recently, I decided that there needs to be a change. How can I build a strong personal life and just fit the professional life in there? Is this even possible? Ha, we shall see!

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  1. I started a morning routine. Inspired by a book I read called My Morning Routine, I’m ten days in to a morning where I wake up at 6am, drink a glass of lemon water, make coffee, put yesterday’s dishes away, feed the dogs, make Brett breakfast, and read. Saying I feel great is an understatement. I have got to keep this routine up, or at least a variation.
  2. I am working out every day. For like two years, I couldn’t do a damn thing. Sometimes, just waking up and walking around took all my energy. I decided it’s time to get fit again, so I’m going all in. Due to my surgery, I have been advised to never do push ups again. I was probably the only patient sad about this restriction. I am finding ways to modify, and I am doing Tapout. It’s a 90 day challenge using resistance bands and high intensity cardio/strength training. I find that working out every day has a significant affect on my body and mind, so I am determined to keep this up. After my morning routine, I work out and then I meditate for 10 minutes using my Headspace app.
  3. I set a goal to read more and so far, I’ve completed all these books: Brain on Fire, When Breath Becomes Air, The Opposite of Loneliness, All The Missing Girls, and My Morning Routine. Currently, I am reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and I am fascinated! I highly recommend all of these books.
  4. I am doing a guided journal called Eat Pretty, Live Well. I record what I eat every day along with how I feel. Because of this journal, I am making an effort to cook more and eat whole foods instead of processed foods. I use Pinterest and a couple cook books, and I must say – I am having fun! I used to not like cooking because I am impatient. I am changing this mindset and seeing the food as art (stay with me), so I make careful efforts to chop, blend, and present the food. So far, Brett hasn’t gotten sick from anything I made so let’s hope I can keep this up.

I hope you can find things that make you happy and cared for. Everyone is different so find what works for you and if you skip a day or make a mistake, just get back on the bandwagon and don’t beat yourself up over it. That’s the secret to life – just keep going and do what you can with what you have. Easy, right? Right.

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